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Deventer Metalfest | Mouflon – Bloodsin – Justify All Means

18 november 2023 20:00

Deventer Metalfest


Mouflon’s conquest began back in 2012 under the morbid influence of such infernal genre forefathers as Entombed, Autopsy, Grave and Asphyx. The heavy and dark sound, characteristic for Mouflon, is a mix of old school death metal and doom metal that causes a variation in songs with sound waves that make many buildings tremble. Influenced by the old school bands but not acting like a retro band, Mouflon bounces from one head banging moment to the next with a sense of pure destruction! They play frantic and aggressive that results in a violent straight-inyour-face wall of sound.



They are a hardcore punk band hailing from The Netherlands, founded in 2014. Including (ex-)members of Total Chaos, Striking Justice, Real Hate and Sharp End. Their powerful style is influenced by punk, hardcore and metal.
Lyrics are straight up and in your face, covering both personal topics (Power Inside and Unleash The Beast), but also gives a critical point of view on nowadays society (Stop Fighting Wars and Get The Fuck Out).



Bloodsin hails from the eastern part of the Netherlands, with ex members of PerniciousDeath SquadDevious, and Nobassak.

Bloodsin makes a fine brutal sort of Death metal, just like Cannibal CorpseSinister and Six Feet Under did in the early 90’s.



18 november 2023

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